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LeafFilter vs. DIY Gutter Guards

DIY Gutter Guards Facts

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diy-gutter-protection-fail-04There are a plethora of DIY gutter guard products available at your local home improvement store. They range from chicken wire mesh to plastic shields. Homeowners typically try these products as a potential solution because of their low cost.

  • All DIY gutter guard products have openings that do not protect your gutters against pine needles and other small debris.
  • Most DIY products violate your roof when installed. Consequently, your roofer cannot guarantee their work if another company has altered their installation.
  • The life span of a DIY gutter guard also make it not the best solution…lifespan is typically very short. The home improvement stores want you to come back!

LeafFilter™ compared to DIY gutter protection products: (Click the image to enlarge)